Contact the Clerk

You can contact the Clerk of the Council as follows:

Sarah Spanswick

The Old Post Office
Milton Lilbourne

Tel: 01672 563444

or via the contact form


The Clerk is also the Council's Responsible Financial Officer.

Member Contact Details

The contact information of elected members is a matter of public record and the public should be able to contact members if they wish.

Most Councils prefer contact to be made through the Clerk and this can be highlighted in the box on the right.

We can offer an alternative contact form which allows messages to be sent by email without revealing members email addresses or we can provide domain email accounts to all members.

Name Email
Councillor Paul Oatway QPM
Councillor David Fall
Vice Chairman
Councillor James Cayzer-Colvin  
Councillor Ramon Edwards  
Councillor Mrs Ann Maconie  
Councillor Mrs Liz Minnear

Councillor Anthony Wells

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